I’ve been having hard drive problems, which is really scary because I don’t have all my data currently backed up. I am waiting for a drive that crossed the Atlantic on the Santa Bettina with the rest of my stuff. But even then, the rest of the back up is in NYC so if anything should happen to this drive…

So far, Fux Data has been able to make the necessary repairs. This computer supply/repair shop is like the surly, distant relative of Tekserve. Three men sit in a shady back building amidst boxes of computer parts. Their storefront window contains a bunch of outdated Macs, including an iMac with an old OS box thrust into its shattered monitor. One computer appears to be sitting on top of the drum of a clothes dryer, and everything has been significantly washed out by the sun as if it hasn’t been touched for years. It’s such a welcome change from the glass temples Apple has all over NYC. Berlin doesn’t even have an Apple store yet, although one is apparently being built on Kurfürstendamm.



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