Am Kotti

I realize I have not yet written anything about my new work space. For several weeks already, I have been renting my friend Rebecca’s desk at her office in Kottbuser Tor, Kreuzberg while she is on vacation. It’s very different from Mitte and often feels like it’s not in Germany at all but rather some warm, vibrant country that one might visit on vacation. There’s always lots of street life and many great lunch options. I also really like the people who share the office and find I’ve been much more productive working with them around than I was by myself.

  1. what’s that crazy building with the ramp and what looks like holes in the brick (3rd photo)?

  2. The building with a ramp is a kindergarten -the ramp is for bicycles so that you can push them up and down the stairs rather than having to carry them (especially when they are loaded with heavy children). Did you see the building with the bas-relief fishes across the street?

  3. Michelle, I just found out that the kindergarden building used to be a parking lot!

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