Life from NY

My first official visitor! I have seen a couple friends from the states -Tina, Susan and Bettina, but they weren’t here specifically to visit me so Helen gets to be Number One. Here she is posing in front of a shuttered library.

It was so great to have her here and catch up on all the news from sweaty New York. She had some great stories about tubing on the Delaware River, going up to Frankie’s upstate and even taking a homemade rowboat to Shooters Island with Marie Lorenz.

We tried to create on our own adventures in Berlin, going on a tour in the giant bunker/anti-aircraft ruins in Humboldthain Park and taking the train and our bikes to Liepnitzsee to go swimming.

Helen also brought me kale seeds from NY and the timing was perfect – the day she arrived, I secured a patch of soil in a planter through a small group of guerrilla gardeners. On the public pedestrian zone of Swinemünderstr. at Vinetaplatz, twelve Forsythia are now skirted with various baby flowers, herbs and in my case kale. Unfortunately some seedlings have been stolen, but the group thinks that the small plants growing from seeds will be less attractive to thieves. I am also fairly confident that no one will want the kale because a) they won’t know what it is and b) even if they do recognize it, they don’t know how delicious it is.

Helen helped me put the seeds in the ground on Saturday and amazingly on Tuesday, there were already tiny green sprouts cresting from the earth. Thanks so much Helen for visiting and please come back soon!

  1. Go guerilla kale! Sounds like you may know more about what’s going on in nyc then we do.. having a baby is not unlike moving to another county.

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