Claudia’s Garden, part II

So, to try to wrap this up…

Back home and soaked to the bone, we dried off and set to work on our mushroom bounty. It’s quite time-consuming to clean off all the dirt and sand. And then our massive harvest massively shrank in the pan. Still we had more than enough to eat and were able to have dinner outside as the rain had cleared again. After dinner Claudia and I went back to the woods. It was much colder and the sky much clearer. We could see the Oder River and Poland to the east and a beautiful, summery sunset to the west.

The next day however, it started to rain again. We hopped on our bikes anyway because we wanted to ride 27 kilometers to Eberswalder to catch the train back to Berlin from there. Soon the sun came out and we were able to have a picnic lunch. The shadows of the passing clouds on the field were mesmerizing.

The landscape of the Oderbruch shined in the sun and on the way to Eberswalder, we past a giant ship elevator on the Niederfinow Canal.We also passed an old 1930s swimming pool that had since been turned into a trout pond. I really like the decorative stone swimmers (and their wake) on the columns.We reached Elberswalder and caught a train back to Berlin. It’s only a half-hour ride but feels much further. It was a bit melancholic to be home, but that’s a good indicator of how nice the time away was. Vielen Dank Claudia und ich freue mich schon auf dem nächsten Mal!

  1. ctellenyc said:

    It looks like you guys are out and about on awesome getaways every weekend! So cool

  2. yum! what a great weekend! complete with ship elevators and old swimming pools. Architectural remnants galore.

  3. Howard said:

    what a great trip, even with all the rain! by the way, were there any other people around? i couldn’t find anyone else in any of the photos.

  4. No one else had the guts to face the rain like us…

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