The Seven Sleepers are finally relaxing their grip on Berlin and the sun is out! Yesterday, Christian, Matti, Silke and I took the S Bahn out to Strausberg to go exploring and hopefully jump in a lake.

A friend had warned me that there are a lot of Nazis in Strausberg, and right away some were spotted drinking beer near the train station. I myself am not very good at identifying them, but I don’t think we saw anymore after that. Maybe it was the weather, but the everyone we encountered seemed very relaxed and the landscape was very beautiful. We rode our bikes along pretty forest paths, saw several good swimming lakes and ate fish at restaurant overlooking the water. Part of the paths that we traveled are ancient pilgrim roads to Santiago de Compostela. Strausberg has a charming medieval center with an old city wall still intact. Its coat of arms inexplicably has an ostrich (“Strauss” in German). According to Wikipedia, this is because the lake alongside Strausberg is shaped like an ostrich (it is not).

After lunch, we spent hours lazying about at a quiet little bathing spot though Silke was the only one who went into the water. The air temperature was still a bit cool, but it was perfect for napping in the sun and reading the paper. I am so happy to have the summer back.

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