Family in Berlin


The past few weeks have been full with activity because my parents are here! Although I’ve lived here twice before, something about this time must feel more permanent because this is the first visit (actually my dad had been here in 1962 and brought an assortment of old maps of the divided city to prove it). We spent the first week doing all the classic Berlin tourist activities -renting bikes, Unter den Linden, Reichstag, Brandenburger Gate, Holocaust Memorial, Tiergarten and Cafe am Neuen See where I saw this busboy with this excellent t-shirt:


That was just day one. We also went to Potsdam and saw the grave of Friederich the Great, then went swimming with Silke at Schlachtensee where apparently there is a giant catfish that sometimes bites bathers. This rumor is unfortunately true!

We did do many things it’s impossible to describe them all here. But some highlights were going to  Hamburg to meet Christian’s parents and a visit in Berlin from my cousin Elizabeth. She’s in working in Frankfurt for the summer and came up for the weekend.


As with any family visit, there was a lot of eating involved and per my dad’s request we went to Mustafa’s to try what is supposed to be the best Döner Kebab in Berlin. We waited forever -not just because the line was so long, but also because when we got to the front they had to change the meat spit and it took 25 minutes for the new meat to cook. Was it worth the wait? The general consensus was yes and we all were quite happy to eat in the middle of Mehringdam on a traffic island.



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