Kale Update

Bad news for anyone interested in my efforts to grow kale here. Things were looking good when Helen successfully brought me some seeds from New York and helped me plant them in the middle of Vinetaplatz in a bit of guerilla gardening action.

By mid July, the seeds were well on their way but now, disaster has hit. It’s not vandals uprooting the seedlings or litterers discarding their rubbish into the planter. It’s not even the shitty Berlin weather. It’s a beast -a MONSTER, that is eating the tender leaves off all of the new shoots.

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Without leaves, the baby kale is having a tough time absorbing the nutrients it needs from the sun to grow. Like a forest of stunted trees killed by arson, my kale bed looks like an environmental disaster. I still go and water it loyally, but every day I find that any new growth has been promptly bitten off by someone’s little teeth. They’re hanging on for now, but my dreams of a raw kale harvest this fall have been ditched in the dirt.

  1. How strange! I wonder what animal is this much into kale? A mouse? How about spritzing some hot peppers seeds diluted in water? That keeps a lot of critters away

  2. Good idea, I will try it! I think it’s a mouse too, Christian thinks it’s an ant.

  3. Howard said:

    When you said MONSTER, I thought you were going to say it was the worm monster.

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