Kale, part 100

It’s getting colder, so I guess it’s acceptable to eat kale here now and you can even find it in the grocery stores. But it comes in a kilo bag all washed up, chopped into smaller pieces and ready to be put in a pot with some wurst and cooked forever, to make a traditional German winter dish.

Today however, I saw fresh leaves of it for sale at the farmer’s market, and even better was able to harvest it myself in Prinzessinnengarten, a really special community agriculture experiment in Kreuzberg. Throughout the summer, I saw it growing there but it wasn’t for sale yet. Finally as the garden gets ready to close for the season, you can buy it but at a pretty steep price -eight leaves for 1.5 Euro ($1.90). I bought 16 leaves and at home, Christian weighed them -250 grams, meaning the kale costs 12 Euros ($15.35) a kilo!

Still, the pleasure of eating raw kale salad again was worth every Euro cent. In fact it’s only renewed my craving, and I will probably resort to trying to work with the grocery store kilo bags before the winter is through.

you tell them what you want, they give you a knife; this is the kale patch where I was instructed to harvest

Eat fruit! This bouquet cost 3 Euros ($2.80)

like everything else at Prinzessinnengarten, the kale is grown above ground because the soil is possibly contaminated

I’ve never seen such stalky kale, but it’s still growing

  1. Howard said:


  2. how could i of forgotten your kale deficiency! i should of showered you in kale while you were in nyc!

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