New Home

After a straight month of hard searching, we finally found a new apartment! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, just as difficult as it is in NYC I’d say. Luckily, the prices here still aren’t as high but I just looked at my calendar and counted fifteen apartment viewings that even I bothered to write down! It’s really quite competitive.

But now we have a place and we got the keys today. It’s in Kreuzberg, so we’ll be living in a completely new neighborhood that’s very different than Mitte. Before we move in, there’s a lot of work to be done -namely, tearing down the Raufasertapete, a horrible wallpaper that’s ubiquitous in Berlin apartments. It looks like someone vomited on the wall and painted over it. I guess it’s a cheap way to renovate -rather than repairing all the dings and holes before painting, you just lay a sheet of Raufasertapete over everything.

We also have to build the kitchen. When you rent an apartment in Germany, you get a stove and sink, and usually the cheapest models the landlord can buy. We have to bring everything else, including the refrigerator. The one plus to this all is that we really have a blank slate to work with. It’s going to take time, but slowly we’ll build the place up the way we want it, make it cozy and call it home.

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  1. Howard said:

    Wow, beautiful and huge! Nice work.

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